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Get Pronto for free if you are small SACCO and enjoy 2 month trial if you are a big SACCO.

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Savings & Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) with 500 members or less


Savings & Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) with more than 500 members


What is Kwara Pronto?

Experience what it's like to boost your SACCO’s operations with a secure and affordable platform for free!

Optimize your SACCO’s processes


  • Migrate your SACCO to digital within 2 weeks and with little effort
  • Quickly and easily process incoming loan requests online
  • Enhance faster communication with members
  • Enable members to view their finances from anywhere
  • Enjoy a simple and secure platform for SACCO staff and members

"Kwara offers fair and affordable pricing that fits SACCOs of all sizes."

Anthony WanyonyiTreasurer of SOS SACCO

How it works

We sign a data protection agreement and our onboarding team is on hand to help you transition to the best digital SACCO platform on the market

Turn your Sacco into a digital bank

  • Upload mandatory KYC information and configure products
  • Member apply and submit loan applications online
  • SACCO staff appraise and approve loans online
  • Free SACCO website to enhance digital presence
  • All data legally protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Migration support after the 3 month period, or transition to regular plans
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Commonly Asked Questions

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"We expected the onboarding process to be lengthy and time-intensive, but the efforts of the Kwara team made it seamless and effortless."

Joseph NjengaChairman of Tamara Youth SACCO

Kwara is here to help you in your digitization journey

Kwara's pricing plans

Achieve 30% more efficiency in your SACCO.

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Kwara's security strength

We build on military-grade cybersecurity and a cloud based technology.