Delight your members.

The customer experience platform for SACCOs. Kwara makes serving your members easy & secure.

Key benefits of kwara

  1. Intuitive and User Friendly

    Conversational. Easy. A friendly experience that you’ll learn in no time. (We’ll still onboard you).

  2. Realtime

    Log events in your SACCO as they happen and Kwara automates the rest. We’ll magically sort incoming financial requests too!

  3. Cooperative spirit

    To go far, we go together. Opt in to share your information to the credit bureaus, centralized ID agencies or other SACCOs. At your control.

  4. Secure

    Military-grade security built on top of a robust core banking engine, so you and your members can rest easy.

We are building kwara. Get to know the people behind the most sophisticated #MemberFirst solution for SACCOs.