The digital banking platform for SACCOs

Embrace digital transformation. Gain control over daily operations, attract more members, and increase revenues.

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SACCO Software trusted by over 47 SACCOs and 60,000+ members

The first shared digital banking platform with a cooperative spirit

Benefits for SACCOs

Take your SACCO to the next level. Achieve your ICT strategy and easily go digital.

  • Empower members to transact from anywhere
  • Reduce repeat manual work
  • Enjoy reliability with free + consistent support
  • Manage all operations yourself, end to end
  • Reduce your reliance on vendors
  • Benefit from a SACCO-specific platform
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Benefits for Members

Benefit from clarity on your financial status, to understand how your SACCO is growing your wealth.

  • Less cost for your SACCO means higher dividend for you
  • Faster loan processing with less paperwork required
  • Easily know how much you've saved and how much you owe
  • Quickly register for a SACCO online from anywhere
  • Build your credit score so you can borrow more. Goodbye shylocks
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Kwara loans detail view on mobile phone

A powerful trio of products to turn your SACCO into a digital bank.

Why Kwara

Kwara helps SACCOs thrive by unlocking their full digital potential.

Online member signup


Consistent and human support


Military-grade security


No CAPEX. Pay as you go.


”We wanted an efficient, secure, and fast platform for our SACCO - we got it all in Kwara. This is really the future.”

Steve BikoChief Information Officer of Kenya Bankers Sacco Benefits for SACCOs

Serving 40,000+ members and counting

11k loans

under disbursal


API calls to date

KES 9bn+

under management


more cost effective

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Get in touch with us. Our team is happy to help you to future-proof your SACCO.

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