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Enhance efficiency by 40%

Revolutionize your SACCO Operations

Experience unparalleled uptime alongside seamless SACCO and member experiences with Kwara's full-suite of self-serve tools, ensuring safety and compliance.

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We offer a complete product suite for any SACCO

Business Intelligence

Get full control of your SACCO by tracking performance, PAR, credit scores and usage of the platform itself.

Loan Origination and Appraisal

Ensure the loan origination process is fast, secure and effective from start to finish.

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SASRA-compliant Reporting

Get your SASRA reports with the click of a button and become fully compliant.

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HR, Payroll and more

Manage your SACCO with additional services through Kwara’s API.

How we compare


Granular permissions that allow the SACCO to secure its data access and workflows

Approval system with maker-checker

Mobile channels with proven member growth via App and USSD

Unlimited licensing for users

No vendor support needed with highly configurable products, users, and control

Simple, affordable pay-as-you-go pricing

Open APIs that enables third party integration

Security comes first

Kwara invests in security. We don’t believe in a silver bullet, and therefore have implemented a trusted, three-way approach to security.

Up-to-date technologies

Use of the latest technologies in the cybersecurity field alongside regular audits and pen-testing

Modern policies

Secure policies such as least-privilege, data encryption in transit & at rest, secure-by-default

Data protection training

Rigorous, regular training of both our staff and your SACCO staff

“I remember those days before Kwara. We used to spend a lot of time answering member queries. Now we’re spending a lot of time of thinking how we can diversify our products and market to more members.”
Gitonga Kigo

CEO of KCS Sacco

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How KCS SACCO grew with Kwara

The KUSCCO technology partner with 200+ clients

Leverage the power of shared services by joining the technology arm of KUSCCO to access secure core banking and channels.

In case you have questions

How easy is it to switch to Kwara?

Switching to Kwara is designed to be seamless. Our dedicated migration team will work closely with your SACCO to ensure a smooth transition. We have a track record of successfully migrating SACCOs from various systems, ensuring minimal disruption and a quick adaptation to Kwara’s user-friendly interface.

Can Kwara accommodate our unique offerings?

Absolutely! Kwara's system is designed to be highly flexible. Whether your SACCO has simple or complex products, our platform can be tailored to match your specific portfolio. Our team will work closely with you to configure and customize the system to perfectly align with your SACCO's unique product offerings.

How does Kwara handle disruptions during implementation?

We understand your concern. Our implementation process is structured to minimize disruptions. We provide comprehensive training to your SACCO's staff, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience. Additionally, our support team is available around the clock to address any queries or issues that may arise during the transition phase, ensuring a seamless implementation journey.

Will Kwara's system meet our specific operational needs?

Kwara's system is designed with SACCOs in mind, offering a wide array of customizable features. Our experienced team will conduct thorough discussions with your SACCO to understand your operational requirements in detail. This collaborative process ensures that the system is configured to meet your specific needs and processes.