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All you need to know about Kwara.

Experience the power of Kwara, trusted by a large and ever-expanding community of SACCOs. Operating in key regions such as Kenya, South Africa, and The Philippines.

How many SACCOs are currently using Kwara?

Kwara is currently used by over 230 SACCOs, of which 195 are located in Kenya, 3 in South Africa and 2 in The Philippines.

What is the KUSCCO Kwara partnership?

Kwara is KUSCCO technology partner, by providing reliable core banking and mobile channels to KUSCCO members. KUSCCO regional offices are able to provide more information on why Kwara has been chosen as the best digital banking platform for SACCOs in Kenya.

What are the security measures Kwara has put in place?

At the product level, maker-checker, password expiries, forensic audit trails and in-depth access controls set by the SACCO in addition to state-of-the-art technology and monitoring. Enforcing policies such as least-privilege and secure-by-default while conducting regular external assessments. Rigorous staff training on security protocols reduces human error.

What happens in case of any security issues?

Immediate escalation as per your SACCO’s SLA 24/7, alongside actions to resolve the issue while the Data Protection Officer in place shares an incident report with your SACCO.

Is the Kwara system Kenyan?

Yes, proudly! 🇰🇪 Kwara’s system is developed by Kenyan software developers, even as we maintain an R&D hub in Germany to ensure world-class engineering. The intellectual property and rights to our system are wholly owned by Kwara.

How customizable is the system?

Very. We have built a system that gives your SACCO team a high degree of flexibility around its workflows. This includes the ability to create and edit products, create custom fields, control users and roles, and pull custom reports.

Where is the data stored?

The data is hosted on AWS, a premier cloud hosting platform used and trusted globally as well as in Kenya. The cloud hosting at AWS complies with the Data Protection Act of Kenya.

Can Kwara offer the Core without the mobile banking?

Yes, if you only want to use Kwara Core but without our mobile banking channels we can onboard you on our Core only. Custom integrations with other mobile banking vendors may come at an additional cost, depending on which integration resources need to be used.

What services are available on the API?

Our API services include credit scoring, HR, payroll, Mpesa and bank reconciliation services, as well any other services the SACCO needs. Custom API services are discussed per client depending on the need.

Is the Kwara system SASRA compliant?

Yes, our reporting modules enable your SACCO to be fully SASRA compliant. We have supported multiple SACCOs in their transition to SASRA-compliant reporting and are happy to share their references upon request.

Does Kwara charge AMCs?

Kwara charges one fixed annual subscription fee, but no additional fees are charged for upgrades and maintenance of the system. This model allows you to benefit from constant product improvements, free customer support and unlimited user licences and member accounts at a fixed subscription price, paid quarterly, annually or for the entire contract period.

How does the user licensing model work?

This depends on the size of your SACCO’s loan portfolio and the features needed to support the scale of your operations. Kwara offers unlimited licences and member accounts.

What happens after four years when the contract ends?

Kwara’s contracts renew after expiry and can be adjusted to accommodate new needs simply with an addendum to your current contract. We have so far had a 100% renewal rate and are excited to welcome you aboard too!

How supportive is the system in terms of marketing the SACCO?

Very! The channels includes features to automate referrals from members, so they can easily and conveniently invite their friends, colleagues and family members to your SACCO. The mobile banking also allows for digital onboarding of new members, which makes it easy for field officers. Lastly, Kwara can assist you to design creative marketing campaigns and will test them with you in the field!

What if our members do not have a smart phone?

The Kwara mobile channels include USSD - with a simple code *341# - that your members can use to access their SACCO account and mobile banking without requiring a smartphone, or even data bundles!