Kwara Core, Connect & Open

A powerful trio of products to turn your credit union into a digital bank.

Kwara Core: Admin Platform

Integrated tools to drive operational efficiency and speed at your credit union, for a better bottom line.

"We expected the onboarding process to be lengthy and time-intensive, but the efforts of the Kwara team made it seamless and effortless."

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Kwara Connect: Online & Mobile Banking

Connect with your members digitally, so they can transact more often, from anywhere, anytime.

Kwara Open: RESTful API

Built by developers for developers, Kwara Open enables you to extend and customize your SACCO to your preferences independently to assure you of a future proof solution.

Future-Proof your credit union


  • Reliable & Real Time Data
  • Secure Enforced Authentication
  • Empower your developer

Keep serving your credit union members during the COVID-19 pandemic

Kwara app dashboard on a Laptop, best sacco management portal

Commonly asked questions

  • We recently upgraded our system. Can Kwara be integrated with our current platform for some of the functionalities lacking in our system?expand

Kwara's pricing plans

Achieve 30% more efficiency in your credit union.

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Kwara's security strength

We build on military-grade cybersecurity and a cloud based technology.

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