Keep serving your SACCO members during the new lockdown

Go digital, remain in operation and continue serving members during lockdown. Get Kwara Pronto, an essentials digital banking platform free for 1 month to ensure business continuity.

What is Kwara Pronto?

Quickly and easily take your SACCO fully digital

  • No need to reduce loan offerings for members
  • Quickly and easily process incoming loan requests online
  • Enable members to view their statements and apply for loans online
  • Retain members during these challenging times
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How it works

We sign a legal NDA and our onboarding team is on hand to help you transition to the most modern SACCO platform on the market

  • Upload mandatory KYC information and configure products
  • Member apply and submit loan applications online
  • SACCO staff appraise and approve loans online
  • All data legally protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Migration support after the 1 month period, or transition to regular plans
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Commonly Asked Questions

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Our team is here to help you to keep serving your members during the Coronavirus crisis.