Karura SACCO's digitization journey

Lenin Lumumba

Case Study

Karura Community SACCO Pre-Kwara

Karura Community SACCO is a Community-based SACCO located within Karura area in Nairobi. The SACCO has over 1000 members from all over Kenya and the world. Like a number of SACCOs in Kenya, they wanted a SACCO management system to help them automate their operations. A system that would allow them accept deposits and offer credit facilities digitally and generally enhance service delivery to members.

Going Digital with Kwara

In April 2021, Karura Community SACCO signed up for Kwara. They got onboarded on to Kwara Core, our SACCO Admin platform within 21 days. After one month they signed up for Kwara’s mobile banking solution, Kwara Connect. Members can now transact from anywhere, anytime using their phone, tablet or PC.

Karura Community SACCO on Kwara

Since they started using Kwara they can now generate their accounting reports with ease. The system has helped effectively disburse and track loans to members. Their members are also able to transact and view their accounts from anywhere using Kwara Connect.

Gitonga Kigo, the SACCO manager confirms that since they since we started using Kwara their ease and efficiency of operation has improved significantly.

“Kwara is indeed the ultimate digital banking solution for SACCO digitization in Kenya and Africa at large. We are able to produce accurate and timely management reports to the board and other stakeholders using Kwara. Our Members are the happiest lot, with Kwara they have their SACCO at the palm of their hands! ”

Gitonga KigoSACCO Manager - Karura Community SACCO

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