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Take your credit union to the next level. Achieve your ICT strategy and easily go digital. Your members will reward you with loyalty and engagement because of it.

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Benefits for credit unions

Continue your credit union's journey of growth. Lend more to the right members, faster, when and how they need it.

Better support your members financial journey.

Ensure compliance, and increase your capacity to lend.

  • React quickly to members needs
  • Mobilize deposits faster
  • Automate savings contributions
  • Compete and win against digital lenders
  • Improve repayment rates
  • Automate reports and analytics
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Compete and win against other lenders. Offer loans in minutes - all digital.

  • Automated borrowers data capture
  • Built-in fraud prevention engine
  • Digitized compliance through audit trails

Benefits for Members

Know your financial status. View your account digitally from anywhere. A real-time window into your finances, accessible only by you.

Build your financial safety net

Trust that your accounts are secure. Automatically access your finances anytime, from anywhere.

  • Less cost for your credit union means higher dividend for you
  • Faster loan processing with less paperwork
  • Easily know how much you've saved and how much you owe
  • Quickly register for a credit union online from anywhere
  • Build your credit score so you can borrow more
  • Goodbye loan sharks
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Commonly asked questions

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  • We recently upgraded our system. Can Kwara be integrated with our current platform for some of the functionalities lacking in our system?expand

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Kwara's pricing plans

Achieve 30% more efficiency in your credit union.

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Kwara's security strength

We build on military-grade cybersecurity and a cloud based technology.

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