State of Harmony

Unity & Conviviality

Kwara State has earned a reputation throughout Nigeria and West Africa as a haven of friendliness and stability.  Indeed, its territory of 36,825 km² hosts a diverse range of cultures and faith groups from throughout the nation and the region.  Thanks to its tradition of tolerance and its responsible leadership, a near-perfect unity marks multicultural Kwara, known as the "State of Harmony."

Celebrating Togetherness

In Kwara State, many different ethnicities, religions, and languages commingle every day; neighborhoods and indeed families have added value from this remarkable diversity.  For the visitor to Kwara State seeking to discover Nigeria, the cultural abundance constitutes an ideal situation, because Kwara represents a social and cultural microcosm of the best of Nigeria.  

Combined with the ecotourism of Kainji Lake National Park and the water sports of the River Niger, the cultural appeal of Kwara State completes a terrific gamut of tourism attractions.

One major cultural attraction is the Awon Mass Wedding.  In addition, the institutions of higher learning in the state, including Kwara State University and the University of Ilorin, have a number of special events of cultural significance.