Owu Falls

Highest falls in West africa

A veritable natural jewel of 120 meters, Owu Falls constitutes the highest waterfall in all of West Africa.  Located in the Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State, the falls attract visitors from the region and indeed from the entire world.

The visitor to Owu will enjoy the verdant hills surrounding the falls and the walking paths through a pristine forest.  Birds and other fauna of the region dart between the trees and fill the air with calls.  Many of these species cannot be found in such abundance outside of this area.

The best time to visit the waterfall is during the rainy season, which extends from May to October, with the most rain in September.  During this period, the flow of water is heaviest and Owu is at its most spectacular. Conversely, very little rain falls during the dry season, especially during December and January.


Visitors to Owu Falls frequently comment that the timeless beauty of the waterfall serves as a reminder of the natural treasure of our planet.  Geologists who have studied clues within the rocks at Owu believe that the falls have existed for millions of years.  Swimming beneath for falls, or appreciating the plants and animals in the area, the tourist can sense the abiding majesty of Africa.