Kainji Lake National Park

Pristine nature reserve

Kainji Lake National Park, Nigeria's oldest national park, comprises portions of Kwara State and Niger State in Nigeria's North-Central Region, known as the Middle Belt. The government established the park in 1976 when it combined the former Borgu Game Reserve and the Zugurma Game Reserve.

Kainji stretches out along the Niger River, the principal waterway of West Africa and one of Africa's three main river systems, the other two being the Congo and the Nile.

With an area of 5,341 km², Kainji covers ten times more land than the Principality of Andorra, or slightly more than that of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.


Kainji overflows with the majestic fauna of West Africa, including western roan antelope, lion, hippopotamus, buffalo, several types of monkeys, baboons, jackal, and crocodile.

Kainji is open to visitors from December to June, with the end of the dry season (spring) being the most popular time. During this period of the year, the dry landscape forces the animals towards ponds or the river to drink, which makes it easier to see them.

Tourists should visit the Wawa Game Warden's office, located eleven miles from New Bussa, for an introduction and to arrange a game guide. Many visitors elect to make day trips to Kainji or to stay at nearby accommodations for more extensive expeditions.