Youths to join cooperatives to access empowerment funds

Lenin Lumumba

The Kwara Take

Youths in Kenya’s Isiolo County have been challenged to establish self-help groups and join cooperatives in order to benefit from various government support programs.

In a story reported by the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, the Isiolo County Trade Cooperatives Chief Officer Lucy Kaburu has assured the youth of the government's support to build their capacity. This will enable them to come up with proper business plans that will give them a chance to obtain the various funds that will aid their development.

Kwara supports this move by the Isiolo county government. Joining Cooperatives is a sure way promoting collaborative entrepreneurship and economic growth. The youth should indeed embrace the idea and join cooperatives.

The move to bring the youth together will also go a long way towards empowering the youth to start business enterprises that will help to create employment opportunities.

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