Tanzania Bank to work with cooperatives to boost industrialization

Lenin Lumumba

The Kwara Take

The Uchumi Commercial Bank in Tanzania (UCB) has indicated that it will work with cooperatives in the country. In a story published by All Africa News, the bank noted that it will collaborate with the cooperative sector so as to boost industrialization and contribute to Tanzania’s economy.

Kwara supports this planned collaboration. It will indeed support cooperatives and deepen options that will help cooperatives to access finance. This will ensure the growth of these cooperatives.

UCB explained that it is its responsibility to support the cooperative sector and to participate in every step related to the sector including participation in the national economic growth agenda through industrialization

The planned partnership was mooted during a three-day conference themed Cooperatives and industrialization. The conference discussed the opportunities and challenges of the co-operative sector in relation to its contribution to the national economy through industrialization.

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