Reprieve for SACCOs as government injects Tsh 1.5 trillion in loan support

Lenin Lumumba

The Kwara Take

The Tanzanian government has facilitated the issuance of loans amounting to Tsh 1.5 trillion in order to support operations of the Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies (SACCOs) across the country. In a story published by The Citizen newspaper, the announcement was made by the country’s Minister for Agriculture Prof Adolph Mkenda.

Kwara supports this development in Tanzania. It is encouraging when governments work with cooperatives to support and grow them as such support directly impacts the people. Cooperatives have for long been central in individual as well as societal development hence supporting them is noble cause by government

The minister said that the government will continue providing support to cooperatives and supervising them so as to ensure that they grow and help improve livelihoods of farmers, pastoralists, fishermen women and all Tanzanians in general. 

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