Meet Brenda our first Customer Success Trainee

Lenin Lumumba

Team Kwara

The world is your oyster, it’s up to you to find the pearls.

Brenda, the bespectacled mathematician, believes in these words by Chris Gardener. She is Kwara’s first Customer Success Trainee - courtesy of Catalyst Fund Talent Program.

She describes herself as a lioness whose agility and tenacity will help soar the Customer Success team to greatness.

Brenda always shared the vision of Kwara, even before joining the team. She believes that by being at the core of support, she will help to catalyze the broader vision of the company: being the best core banking solution for SACCOs.

She is deeply motivated by the stability, security and the freedom that money provides. Similarly, Kwara also guarantees a secure platform for SACCOs. This stable digital solution enhances productivity. The best part: the affordable pricing allows every SACCOs to enjoy a digitized platform for all their operations.

Join Kwara as a trainee, and kick-start your fintech career!

Are you eager to fast-track your career in fintech? Then apply for the Kwara Customer Success Traineeship!

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