Imarisha  Sacco records growth despite Covid-19 impact

Lenin Lumumba

The Kwara Take

The Standard newspaper  published an article reporting on how Imarisha SACCO recorded  growth in spite of the disruptions of Covid-19 last year.

The SACCOs assets value rose by 14.6 percent from Sh12.3 billion in 2019 to Sh14.1 billion last year. Their turnover  also grew by 7 per cent from Sh2 billion to Sh2.14 billion in the same period.

At Kwara we want to laud Imarisha SACCO for this performance. They have proven that even in the wake of serious disruptions such as the one occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, SACCOs can still remain strong. 

The SACCO sector needs to build and invest in strong financial institutions such as Imarika SACCO. Only such strong institutions can weather the storm, remain resilient  and keep moving despite any disruptions in the future.

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