Digitization is critical for SACCOs - see what Amica SACCO has done

Lenin Lumumba

The Kwara Take

The Kenya News Agency recently ran a story about a SACCO in Muranga county that had to quickly adapt to changing times during the covid pandemic in order to stay afloat. Amica SACCO had to employ the use of various digital solutions to improve service delivery to their members. The SACCO introduced the use of mobile money and card payment platforms to facilitate members transactions. Through this move the SACCO made a surplus leading to declaration of Sh170 million dividends to the members

This is a great move and at Kwara we applaud Amica SACCO. It is important that SACCOs seize opportunities to positively impact on their operations and their members too. Whereas Covid pandemic affected the SACCO sector in Kenya, there are a lot of digital solutions that we can embrace to help cushion us from the unforeseeable future disruptions. Last year we also launched Kwara Pronto in an effort to help SACCOs at risk of disruption from the Coronavirus pandemic to quickly go digital, remain in operation and continue serving members.

We are in the age of digitization and SACCOs are now aware of this reality. The story of Amica SACCO is a positive testament on the role of technology in creating efficiency in SACCO operations. Digitization is important especially today. SACCO must embrace it in order to grow and expand their capabilities and to serve even more members effectively

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